Author: ForRealAdmin

Dev-Log (BFBR) 1-18/1-22

Programming This week has been very progressive to say the least. We started from scratch after swapping from Unreal Engine to Unity. We now have a full working main menu, a playable character and some light assets to play around with. Our team is hard at work to make shooting and melee combat run as smooth as they can. Multiplayer? Absolutely! that’s getting a fine tuning as speak. Our spawn algorithm is working great but matchmaking not so much. It seems to be an easy fix so we’ll keep you updated. Now on to some play testing.

3D Art– Art is very hard at work this week as well. Drawing up some of our favorite things holding a special spot in our grocery carts. Traveling from concept to 3D is a very fun but tedious project, and working on the base model is key to any art project of course! that’s exactly what our team at FRG is doing. making these assets look and feel good to use is the main goal right now.

Level Design- working to set up a level requires multiple products working together. From lighting to properly placing assets in the game for players to see and interact with. this week our team sat down to build the overall outline and design of the level. We also tweaked lighting by building an immersive light sources. Places these around the level gives the building a more natural source of light instead of a directional feeling. Our overall goal is to provide the most realistic atmosphere and design of our levels to the fans.

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