Collectible Card Game

Join us in a new experience for Collectible Card Game fans. our first foray into the world of Ethos. The world has fallen into chaos and it’s up to you to wield the light and guide your team to safety. Experience a new take on the collectible card game genre as we tell stories that have never been told before.

Key Features:

Story Mode – Experience a gripping story mode by choosing one of the three main factions available during the war. Each story is told from the eyes of the commander but it is up to you to guide them on the battlefield.

Abilities – Unleash new monsters, spells, and abilities in our first drop for the CCG Genre. Summon mighty monsters to do to battle against your rivals. Unleash devasting Spells and abilities to destroy your opponent and claim control over the battlefield.

Deck Editing – Give the ability to create your own allies and enemies by mixing and matching between the different commander decks. Giving this ability to create your very own army and rule the world of Ethos and beyond.

Multiplayer support (coming soon) – Command the battlefield with your own deck and join the ranked community by challenging yourself against mighty enemies. Can you rise to the top.

Lateral voting system for new expansions (Coming Soon) – Instead of us coming out with the next expansions it’s up to the players to choose which expansion will decide the fate of Ethos. Each season will drop two expansions but the players must vote on which package they want first by filling out their pre-order bonus. Once one of the prices has been met that expansion will be dropped into the game ready for commanders to try out for battle.

Marketplace trading (Coming Soon) – Make allies and trade cards among your peers being able to collect them all or become the most prominent commander is your choice alone.

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