Lost Souls

Lost souls is our upcoming title that takes place in the distant future in space. You are Max a member of the security defense team that was sent to a training exercise to test out a new exo-suit. During the training exercise a prophet speaks to you explaining that you may have the fate to change the galaxy. Mutants are starting to take over that galaxy and it is up to you to fight for the freedom of all races in the galaxy.

Our upcoming title is an action role playing game. It is our first commercial released game that we are working on. Our team is excited to show you what we are capable of and how we all have different skill sets but are able to give you a great experience. Please check back often in order to see more information about our upcoming game. Don’t forget to sign up below to hear first when the release date will be announced.

A free demo is post below. Feel Free to leave feedback as it is always appreciated.

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